Introducing Marinade Native: Streamlining SOL Staking for You

Welcome to Marinade Native, revolutionizing SOL staking. Autonomously delegate to 150+ top validators, with no smart contract risks. Enjoy 0% deposit and withdrawal fees. Retain full control, and with the enhanced DApp dashboard, effortlessly manage your SOL stakes. Learn more at Marinade's blog.

Introducing Marinade Native: Streamlining SOL Staking for You

Welcome to a new era in SOL staking: Marinade Native. If you're a SOL holder looking to get the best returns on your investments while still retaining control, Marinade Native might just be the solution you've been waiting for.

Key Features of Marinade Native

  1. Automatic Stake Delegation: Instead of manually choosing validators, Marinade Native allows for the automatic delegation of your SOL to over 150 of the best-performing validators. This ensures optimal returns without the need for constant monitoring and adjustments.
  2. No Smart Contract Exposure: With Marinade Native, users are not exposed to the risks that might come with smart contracts. This means a safer staking experience.
  3. Zero Fees for Now... and Forever: As an introductory offer, there's a 0% deposit fee. And to sweeten the deal even further, there is a permanent 0% performance and withdrawal fee.

How Marinade Native Works

The latest iteration of the Marinade DApp expands its capabilities, offering two primary options for SOL stakers:

  1. Liquid Staking with Marinade for mSOL: This provides flexibility as you can easily convert between SOL and mSOL.
  2. Native Staking: Unlike liquid staking, the Native option ensures that you maintain complete control of your stake, similar to if you were staking with a single validator.

To experience it firsthand, visit Marinade's app.

Enhanced Management with the New Dashboard

Marinade's new DApp dashboard serves as a one-stop solution for managing all your SOL stake accounts. Whether you're looking to deposit a stake account, inject liquidity stake tokens (LST) into Marinade, or even instantly unstake, it's all made simple and efficient. Furthermore, for those looking to instantly unstake, Marinade offers optimal market prices courtesy of its new SOL liquidity router.

Why Choose Marinade Native?

  1. Hassle-Free Management: Marinade Native undertakes the responsibility of managing your stake account. Say goodbye to concerns about validator downtime or changes in commission rates.
  2. Strengthened Control for $MNDE and $mSOL: The Directed Stake mechanism of Marinade Native ensures that 40% of Marinade's delegation strategy is controlled by $MNDE and $mSOL. This aligns with the platform's goals and provides more stake control.

In Conclusion

Marinade Native represents a leap forward in the staking space, especially for those vested in SOL. With safety, efficiency, and user control at its core, it promises to revolutionize the way you approach SOL staking.

For a more detailed deep dive into Marinade Native, be sure to read their comprehensive article on the Marinade blog.