Ghost Kid DAO Introduces New Foundation

Ghost Kid DAO introduces the Ghost Foundation; the entity that will manage the business of all things relating to Ghost Kids, including the $BOO ecosystem and services that they provide.

Ghost Kid DAO Introduces New Foundation

Ghost Kid DAO (GKD) recently announced the introduction of the Ghost Foundation, the entity that would manage the current and future business of all things related to GKD. On top of the primary NFT collection, this includes the $BOO ecosystem and the other services previously provided by GKD.

The Ghost Foundation offers two products currently, Software-as-a-Service and a Raid-to-Earn program. Their SaaS includes non-custodial staking, raffles, user profiles/leaderboard, Raid2Earn, and more, which enables projects to provide utility and reward mechanisms for their community.

Infographic on Ghost Foundation's SaaS
Source: Ghost Foundation

Additionally, GKD monetized their community through a Raid-to-Earn product, where projects could pay for the GKD community to come and raid their posts. This is to help projects with publicity and marketing, as it enables them to get further reach. Over 200 projects have used this service, generating over 2000 SOL in revenue.

The Foundation will be used to professionalize the services that Ghost Kid DAO provides, and will assist in future expansions of their infrastructure and services provided. All announcements regarding the $BOO ecosystem and new tools will come from the new Twitter account @GhostFDTN.