Blocksmith Labs Announces Change to NFT Collection

Blocksmith Labs rebranded their NFT collection, Blocksmiths, to a new name under Smyths. Separating the parent company and the NFT collection lets BSL focus on its new direction as an entity.

Blocksmith Labs Announces Change to NFT Collection

Blocksmith Labs, a leading creator in the Solana space, recently announced its separation from its original NFT collection and the parent company. Following "The Ascension," the NFT collection was renamed to "Smyths" while the parent company became "Blocksmith Labs."

According to their tweet, it was done to "give [them] clarity as an organization and lets [them] focus on different branding for the collection/company."

Blocksmith Labs is the parent organization to five unique, interconnected projects and their ecosystem's token, $FORGE. They are the creator behind Smyths, Mercury, Bitfrost, SHIFT, and Raven, all with $FORGE as the core utility token.

Smyths is the NFT collection that yields $FORGE, while the other products use the token to power their ecosystems. Their products cover an array of use cases such as:

  • whitelist-management tools,
  • a launchpad with unique auction mechanisms,
  • a dynamic art generation product and,
  • social engagement tools.

Back in October, Step Data Insights took a dive into its product-first ecosystem which you can read here.